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About the Sacred Triad
By: Adrianna Lesniak

The three circles form a triangle. The three circles are the heart of the symbol. The triangle behind them is implied. It can either be drawn in or not. The three circles are all of the same size and shape. I have also seen triangles with designs on the points, and these are versions of the same design.

The more I look for the symbol, the more I see it. Everywhere. I see it in movies, in ancient texts, in many different cultures. It is a universal symbol.

What is the symbol?
The symbol is an Angelic gateway. It is a symbol of heaven--and the blank space within the circles is the great mystery. It is a symbol of a star system in the sky. It is also the symbol of a spaceship that we once travelled in. And it is a remembrance of balance in our lives. Each of the three points has a meaning. Each is the same weight as the others. The meaning changes with the context of the question. My mother-in-law, a practicing Catholic, looked at the symbol and said, "Oh yes, the Holy Trinity." She then showed me a seal widely used in the Catholic church which had a close approximation of that symbol! I've had other people tell me different aspects of it.

The symbol to me is made up of four aspects. The three circles, and the sacred space within. Each of the three circles is imbued with different meanings. The upper most circle is generally God, The great spirit, the higher knowing, The "I AM", the Christ, The Buddha, the God Figure. The bottom circles are in this case then, female and male. The masculine is on the right, the feminine on the left. However, they are all the same weight, size and shape. None greater than the other.

The symbol is whatever the context is at that moment. So the circles have represented, "Love, Honor and Faith" many times for me. "Faith, Intelligence and Wisdom" In fact an endless list of threes can be associated with the circles. Faith, hope, Love; etc.

What does it do?
I use the symbol to balance the Chakras and restore overall calm. It also is an angelic gateway, that when opened can be a direct channel for healing love. I see it at times when I am asking a question during a reading. When I see it in that context, it is a holy temple, and the answer to my question is revealed in the center or comes soon after.
When I have a question in my life, "Am I on the right path, is this supposed to be happening right now in my life, and I see the circles replicated somehow in everyday situations, I am calmed. I know then that I am in the right place and time.

How do I use it? I draw it on peoples hands and it forms a temple there. Each person has a different reaction. Some people can feel it very strongly. Others have little or no reaction to it. Some times it is stronger in one hand than the other. Generally it is stronger in strangers or friends then it is in loved ones, and the time and place and atmosphere also changes it.
Of course it is: Past Present and Future.

Family and Friends
My family makes jokes about Mom's triangle, as I see it everywhere now. This makes perfect sense, as God is everywhere.

When I was about six or seven, I started drawing a triangle, and adding a circle at each end. It would (and does)fascinate me. As I drew I would try to determine what I was drawing. I thought if I drew it enough times, I would recognize it. Was it a structure? Was it a symbol? Was it a spaceship?

If I was doodling in class, I would inevitably begin drawing this symbol. For me it became a signature doodle. Most of what I was doing was only semi-conscious. I would realize that I was drawing it again usually only after I had begun. It became soothing to me to draw the triangle with the circles. When I drew them proportion is everything. The lines had to be the same width, the point the same distance apart, the circles the same size and in exact relation to the points as the other two sides.

When I got into my late teens, roughly college age, I began to draw the symbol less often. I was conscious of deciding that I was in a rut. Even if I drew the symbol perfectly, which wasn't always the case, there didn't seem to be a benefit. What was the point?

I still drew the symbol at times when I was bored and my mind would wander while I held a pen in my hand. Looking back I find the symbol through quite a bit of my college notebooks that I kept, etc.
I was raised with parents who had a very eclectic view of the religions of the world, and didn't want to prejudice me with beliefs about what God is, or whom God is. This is both a blessing and a curse. Although I don't have a lot of religious dogma to wade through (although you would be surprised at how it does seep in to one's psyche from our culture!) I didn't have a framework to attach "God" to.

Was there a God? Were there angels? I didn't know. The Christian and Jewish beliefs that I came across seemed to indicate God was an angry, jealous, self-righteous all-powerful being who chose some of his children over others.

I found this to be unpaletable. And unGodly.

After watching the Ten Commandments with Charlton Heston on Television one Easter when I was a teenager, I found myself taking a walk and talking to...someone. "Why would God kill all those Egyptians? Why? Why would God answer injustice with injustice?" I had become accustomed to walking when I was bored, (in those days a bicycle in my life was rare due to a bent rim or having my bikes borrowed or stolen on a fairly regular basis). When I walked I enjoyed being in my own little world and sometimes when I asked such questions I received responses back. The answers were loving and gentle and in line with my way of thinking. That God was loving. Still, at this point in my life, I wasn't sure if it was a different part of me or another entity that I was talking to.

"I will only believe in a loving God." I decided after one such chat. It seemed to me to be a diservice to this deity to paint such an unforgiving picture. The whole sin and damnation thing I rejected outright. God was love, right? Love and fear weren't compatible.

I've since realized that truth is simple. I know Truth when I hear it. I feel truth throughout my body. When I am confused about something, that something isn't "true" for me. It is my mind's signal that something isn't quite right. When I did get the responses back, they seemed to come from different voices, some masculine, some feminine, all friendly, all warm and loving. And many times I heard loving amusement in their tones when I received an answer back.

As a young child I had two misconceptions. One was that certain things had only happened to me and that no one else could understand or help me. Thus I faced most of my biggest fears and challenges as a child alone. The second misconception was that almost everyone saw the world and experienced it the same way I did. For instance, I didn't realize I needed corrective lenses until I was in the fifth grade, and thought everyone had trouble seeing the board. And I was so used to hearing voices inside my head that I could talk to as a young teen and on, that I thought everyone had them. When people would talk about voices in their head and being crazy, I would understand that they meant destructive voices. It astonished me when I found out in my thirties, (my thirties!) that many people never hear anything in their heads other than their own thoughts!

It was later, much later, when I was in my forties, that I was in a metaphysical class that used a specific prayer to access one's Akashic records, when our teacher drew the symbol (or a version of it) on the board. He stared at it for a moment as if about to speak. Then erased it. I was transfixed. We were near the end of the session and the class was composed of a group of experienced psychic and metaphysical people. They were engaged in two noisy discussions about a class topic. I impatiently waited for a chance to speak. Our Teacher was trying to get the class back onto the topic and getting flustered with the arguing going on. I called his name and he looked at me impatiently. "What?!" I drew my version of the symbol and showed it to him. "This. You drew this for a moment. What is this? I've seen it all of my life? I've been drawing it all my life? Can you tell me what it is?"

The next few minutes changed my life. He and another person had discovered the symbol and were devining its meaning to them. Amazement washed through me. It was a holy symbol of some sort. It was a symbol of God.

Together he and I and the rest of the class started exploring what the symbol was. Another student confirmed she had been drawing the same symbol in art class all week. We all felt buoyed and lifted by the miracle that was happening.

Since that magical moment I have spent more time working with the symbol and determining what it means to me. I use it on my sign and on my brochures as a way of connecting to God. To me it is a symbol of the gateway to heaven. It is balance and order. It is Love, Honor Faith.

Once I realized that what I had been drawing had a meaning, it suddenly dawned that all the childhood years I had been drawing the symbol, I had been connecting to God. And not knowing it yet feelng compelled to draw the same symbol over and over again. Looking back I realized that I had never been alone. God had been with me all along.